Sounds pretty awesome, right? It is!

Ready to makeover your style & wardrobe?

I know it may be hard to believe it’s even possible if you’ve been struggling with it for so long.
Can you relate?

  • You want to break out of your ruts and stop wearing the same boring outfits day in and day out, but you have no idea where to begin and are worried about trying something new. You’d rather stick with boring than risk looking silly.
  • You’re tired of looking/feeling frumpy and boring all the time. Instead, you’d love to be “that woman”. You know, the one with ‘Effortless Style’ that you (and all the other women) envy. She always looks so cool and stylish, but not like she’s trying too hard. How does she do that?!
  • You wish you could FINALLY figure out how to best dress your shape and at the same time, stop obsessing about all the parts you don’t like.
  • You hate shopping for clothes because you can never find what you’re looking for, get so overwhelmed with the selection, and get annoyed with salespeople who tell you everything “Looks Great”.
  • You’re sick of having a wardrobe full of clothes but still feeling like you have “nothing to wear”. You know you don’t even wear/like half of it, but are worried if you get rid of anything, you’re REALLY going to have nothing to wear.
  • You get so mad at yourself when you think of all the money you’ve spent on clothes that you never ended up wearing.

You don’t have to feel this way though. I can help!



Putting an end to the “What should I wear?” dilemma once and for all.

Being able to go to your closet and easily pull together an outfit for any situation in less than two minutes. Not five minutes – two. You’re a busy woman, you don’t have five minutes to decide what to wear.

Saving tons of time, money, and stress when it comes to getting dressed and shopping.


Feeling confident & comfortable in your clothes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you walk out the door.

A style that gets you some second looks (in a good way of course, not a “What was she thinking?” kind of way).

Knowing exactly what to wear to compliment YOU – your shape, your colouring, your personality, and your lifestyle.


Having fun shopping for new clothes and putting new outfits together.

Playing around with your personal style and being excited (not scared) to try new things.

Never having to worry about what to wear with what because you know everything in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched with one another to create ah-mazing outfits you are excited to wear.

I get it...

bizpic (2)I have had my Personal Styling business since 2008 – working with women of all shapes, living completely different lifestyles, with varying budgets.

Before becoming a Mom, I had the luxury of taking my time to browse the stores, try on a variety of outfits before leaving the house, and sometimes even buy things that would only be worn a handful of times per season.

After having my Son though, life changed dramatically!

Between adjusting to Motherhood, keeping up with my business and clients, and trying to figure out how to dress my new (and still changing) body – my wardrobe was all of a sudden a mish mash of styles & sizes which made getting dressed stressful. I was surprised to realize that since becoming a Mom, I wasn’t the same person anymore – and that even showed up in the types of clothes I was attracted to!

stacylondonTo be completely honest with you, even as a certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist who was trained in NYC by Stacy London from ‘What Not to Wear’, I was overwhelmed and starting to feel pretty crappy about myself and my clothes. Lucky for me, I had the know how to turn it all around!

It was time to tackle that crazy closet of mine which was now a chaotic mess of different sizes and personal styles – not to mention things that would no longer work for my new life as a busy working Momma.

I needed pieces that went the distance. Pieces that could do double triple duty and be worn in a variety of ways.

I wanted a fully functioning, mix and match wardrobe (also known as a “Wardrobe Capsule”) so I didn’t have to worry about what to wear for the rest of the season.

Think of it like one of those “cook a month’s worth of freezer meals in one weekend” kind of thing. It takes a bit of planning and work at first to get it done, but then you don’t have to think about it on a daily basis.


Once I got it all in order – my style, my closet, and my wardrobe – getting dressed and shopping from season to season became so much easier, affordable, and stress free!

Seriously, what woman wouldn’t LOVE that?!

jennifer1 (2)I wanted other woman who were sick of stressing about what to wear to feel more confident in their clothing and have fun getting dressed too!

So, using my 7+ years of styling experience working with real women just like you, I took everything I know about personal style (the art & science of it), shopping, and outfit co-ordination and merged it with a simple step by step plan to create a customized mix and match wardrobe collection.

And I wanted to be able to share it with women all over the world AND offer them my expert assistance while they worked through it all.

And that’s how Wardrobe Mixology came to be!

Here's how we'll make it happen...

Wardrobe Mixology is a self study online program that will not only completely transform your style & wardrobe, but it will forever change how  you feel about yourself (in a REALLY good way!).

But this isn’t like other online group programs where you download the material and are left on your own to make it work. When you sign up for Wardrobe Mixology, you’ll be getting one-on-one support from yours truly as well as other like minded women via our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get & give support to others, and share your style successes.

Now, because Wardrobe Mixology is geared towards the style needs of busy women like yourself, I have also made sure to keep your time management needs in mind, so each lesson has been built to give you the maximum impact in the minimum amount of time. You’re busy, right? You don’t have time to be watching long videos or reading lengthy lessons!

With my “to the point” videos and PDF lessons, along with my comprehensive Style Planner, you will be well on your way to transforming your overall style and making over your wardrobe within weeks.

And if you fall behind on the lessons (life happens, right?), because this is a “go at your own pace” self study online program, you can just get back at it when you’re ready and pop back into the Facebook Group for support when you need it!

And even when you are done the program, you will continually have my styling support via our private Facebook group.

Pretty cool, right?

Step 1

  • Uncover your unique Personal Style (yes, you have one!) and learn how to make it work for your lifestyle.
  • Determine your body shape and what to wear to make the most of it.
  • Discover the colours that make you look your best, as well as the ones you should avoid.

Step 2

  • Find out how to easily review and clean out your current wardrobe (and have fun doing it).
  • Get my best wardrobe organization tips that make getting dressed SUPER easy.
  • Uncover hidden treasures in your closet and find out what’s missing at the same time.

Step 3

  • Deciding on EXACTLY what you need to create your dream mix & match wardrobe for the season.
  • Determine the best colour scheme for your wardrobe capsule(s).
  • Creating a shopping plan for your new pieces and then putting it all together to build your first wardrobe capsule!

Get started today!

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  • Become crystal clear on YOUR unique Personal Style & how to best express it.
  • Know exactly what to wear to feel confident in the body you have RIGHT NOW.
  • Stop wasting money on clothing you never end up wearing.
  • Learn my top secret method for creating more than 60 looks using just 13 pieces.
  • Have style tools and step by step systems you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Get 1-on-1 and group support via our private Facebook Group.
  • Completely transform your style, your wardrobe, and how you feel about yourself.

Ready for confidence & compliments?

I now understand what works and what doesn’t for my body

I learned so much in Wardrobe Mixology, it really is what I needed in my life!

I now understand what works and what doesn’t for my body and it gave me more confidence in how I present myself to the world…not to mention more daily compliments!

The neat thing about learning online is that I can fit it into my busy Mama schedule and go at my own pace, knowing that Lisa is available and just a click away for questions and advice.

The best part for me is that I feel like she is working with me even if we’re in different cities. She is super generous with her time and makes this experience feel like “Where were you all my life”?

I would definitely recommend taking Wardrobe Mixology (or any program of Lisa’s)! Not only is Lisa super talented – but she’s also so open minded, available, and full of resources!

- Marie Josee D., Canada

Without hesitation, I recommend Wardrobe Mixology to everyone, every age, and body type!

I enjoy learning how to do things for myself. So this frustrated, frazzled and fed up shopper set out to find solutions to getting dressed and looking beautiful!

My wardrobe and I were not a perfect pairing. And on my own I wasn’t quite sure how to change that.

I desperately wanted to create a stress-free mix of workable chic pieces. Clothes I could wear every day in a natural and easy way. A casual, comfortable sense of style with a little boho creative thrown in!

One evening, I happened upon Lisa’s blog – best find ever!

Started reading one entry and then another and another – a veritable wealth of styling info and tips.

Lisa’s warm, friendly and professional style spoke to me. The idea that she could help me sort my fashion shortcomings and teach me what to look for when shopping was very promising and exciting.

I knew I had found my solution when I chose Wardrobe Mixology. Best decision EVER – I love the course material and Lisa’s coaching throughout has been awesome!

I now have a great pulled together look and clothes that can be dressed up or down. Learning how to mix high, low, vintage, new, super-trendy and timeless has been fun and creative.

Achieving a stylish appearance has definitely gotten easier!

I am so delighted and pleased with myself for making the choice to learn from Lisa!

Without hesitation, I recommend Wardrobe Mixology to everyone, every age, and body type!

Get ready for the compliments!

- Judy W., Canada

I always felt like I had nothing to wear and I didn’t feel comfortable in most of my wardrobe. Lisa changed all of that for me!

I love fashion but I’ve always struggled with it, particularly since having my daughter 3 years ago.

I have found it nearly impossible to feel confident dressing my very short and curvy body. Feeling frumpy and running 3 businesses left me with a wardrobe that consisted of tracksuit pants and T-shirts or if I was feeling super fancy I would swap the trackies for my maternity jeans (yes that’s 3 years post baby)!

The most embarrassing part of this for me was that I happen to own a gorgeous fashion boutique in Australia and had a bulging wardrobe filled with great clothes but I always felt like I had nothing to wear and I didn’t feel comfortable in most of my wardrobe. I felt humiliated turning up to showings looking frumpy and I ended up finding it much easier to hide behind baggy clothes and do most of my ordering on my computer at home instead of in person.

Lisa changed all of that for me!

Wardrobe Mixology gave me small, simple and actionable steps to organizing my wardrobe that amounted into huge lasting changes. I was able to create a gorgeous capsule wardrobe that now reflects the style I aspire to in a way that suits me and my very unique lifestyle – and let go of the clothes that no longer served me or flattered me.

Now when I’m getting dressed, I’m not stuck wondering if I have pants to match that top or shoes to match those pants, I know that almost every piece I own matches everything else I have. It has made my life so much less complicated. Now I feel confident turning up to fashion showings, my clothes are easy to wear and I finally feel like myself.


- Kate W., Australia

Completely transform your style, your wardrobe, and how you feel about yourself.

Click HERE to get started today!

  • Become crystal clear on YOUR unique Personal Style & how to best express it.
  • Know exactly what to wear to feel confident in the body you have RIGHT NOW.
  • Stop wasting money on clothing you never end up wearing.
  • Learn my top secret method for creating more than 60 looks using just 13 pieces.
  • Have style tools and step by step systems you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Get 1-on-1 and group support via our private Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really going to get one-on-one support from you?

You betcha! I want to make sure you succeed at this style thing and get your wardrobe in order so the confidence and compliments can start flowing.

Of course, you’re expected to go through the materials and implement the lessons – I can’t do that for you.

But if you get stuck on something and need clarification/reassurance/cheering on, I’ll be there for you in the Facebook Group. I haven’t missed a question yet!

Will this work even if I don't have the "perfect" body?
First of all, there is no such thing as the “perfect” body. But to answer your question, this program is for women of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, lifestyles, etc. You get the point, right? It’s all about figuring out what is going to be best for YOU.

I'm trying to lose weight. Should I hold off on taking this?

I want you to feel good NOW and not “wait to lose the weight.”

Based on my experience working one-on-one with in person clients, one of two things tends to happen.

1) Once they learn how to dress for their shape, they feel more confident in their clothing and with the way their body is RIGHT NOW. As a result, they jump off the diet/exercise/weight loss obsession “roller coaster” and start enjoying life (and shopping of course!).

2) Once they learn how to best dress their shape, they begin to feel more confident in their clothing which has a ripple effect into wanting to feel better overall. As a result, they start to take better care of themselves and also end up losing weight through healthy lifestyle changes.

Then there are the women who put off working with me until they lose the weight…

They usually end up coming back to me later on (still not having lost the weight) when they can’t take it anymore.

Now, the good news is they have finally taken action to feeling better about themselves. But the bad news is they  spent yet another year not feeling great in their clothing.

Which woman would you like to be? 🙂

Can't I just learn all of this stuff for free online?

Ummm, yes and no.

Of course you can Google “How to best dress an Hourglass Shape” and get tons of answers. Or you can scour Pinterest for outfit ideas. But then what? What do you do with all of that info?

Wardrobe Mixology takes you through everything I do with my one-on-one in person clients so you know exactly what your ideal personal style is and how to translate it for your everyday life, how to best dress your shape and proportions, and how to determine your best colours. And unlike Google, you can ask me (a working Personal Stylist) for help if you get stuck or need confirmation on something.

Plus, you’re also getting my personal methods for auditing your wardrobe, organizing it, and creating a mix and match wardrobe.

Seriously, it’s the whole deal!

And not only are you getting my help along the way, but you’re also getting the support of an entire community of women just like you who are also upping their style game and making over their wardrobes. Pretty cool, right?

What type of payments do you accept?

Security & Privacy are super important to me so the only way to pay for Wardrobe Mixology is via Paypal.

By the way, you don’t need a Paypal account to use Paypal – you just need a valid credit card (click here to find out more).

What is your refund policy?

Wardrobe Mixology is a digital product that you get access to right away (and something I can’t “take away” from you), so there are no refunds. Sorry. But you get it, right?

I have yet to have a negative response to the program and everyone who has taken part has loved it, but saying that though, I would prefer you be really sure you want it before signing up.

Have a look at the glowing testimonials again and if you have any concerns/questions, don’t hesitate to message me at

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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